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More about Cod and Tapenade Preparation

Summer times bring out the best out people. In summer, it is possible to see people preparing various meals.It is also associated with happy times because of the weather. It is here that you can have tasty meals such as the known chicken that you can eat with peas together with rice. It is also her that you will see people enjoying their vanilla ice cream as they take a walk along the seaside.There is nothing that beats the taste of a freshly caught sea food.There are many places where you can just get what you want.

Most people understand the importance of omega 3 in their health. Fish can be eaten with many other foods. For instance, one can have it with salads, greens, and the British delicacies that most people enjoy throughout the year. Most people take it with chips. The food will also be important as the summer holiday continues. In your area, you should be able to find a good seafood market for this food. It is possible to see different meals from various kinds of fish. If you want the best one, you should think of having the cod. It will give you the best taste that you need. Your kids will enjoy this kind because it is appetizing.

The following are some key ingredients used in cod and tapenade. You should have one cod fillet that is bone and skinned. If you want to experience the most excellent flavors, use one tablespoon of the olive oil. 1/4 tablespoons will be enough for your sea salt. 1/4 a teaspoon of your black pepper. One medium lemon will be okay. Make sure you have 3 cups of the rocket lettuces, but you should ask for the arugula for it means the same. 3 cups of the rocket lettuce should be sufficient. 1/2 cup of olives; you can choose to have green or black, but the green one is sweet.2 tablespoons of capers should be good.1 medium roughly chopped garlic clove is adequate.

Here is the method of making the dish.Preheat your oven up to 400F.Use your stove proof dish to put your fish, and it is here that you need to season it properly with pepper, salt, and the lemon juice. Ensure that it stays in your stove for 8 up to 10 minutes. Here, combine the arugula, olives, garlic together with the capers in your blender and ensure the touch is smooth. Spread the prepared tapenade all over the cod while the fish is almost cooked and put it aside to heat, you should now enjoy your meal.